Dad, it doesn't help...


A few weeks ago I was working with our athletes on getting and staying focused during a game.  I asked them to write down a list of things that distract them.  I was surprised to see "my parents" on most of the lists.  

These athletes have great parents.  They aren't the ones cussing the umpire and yelling rude comments onto the field.  They are the kind of parents that are offering encouragement and last minute instructions from the stands.  And we love them!!!  They are at every game, cheering on not just their own child, but everyone else's. distracts their children.  

This hit home just the other day as my own child started the fall soccer season.  This sport is new to her and I knew she would be nervous.  I asked her how she was feeling.  Her response, "I would be just fine if the parents weren't there."  I was a little baffled.  

"What do you mean?"

"Once the parents start yelling instructions, I get nervous and forget to listen to my coach.  There's too much going on and it makes me nervous."

I had to work really hard this season to keep my mouth shut.  It was really hard, and I messed up a lot.  But I worked on it, and I think my daughter appreciated my effort. 

This article "Dad, it doesn't help" by Mark Maguire is a great reminder that while we have the best of intentions as parents, it often doesn't help.   Click HERE to read it.

10 Ways to be the Coaches Favorite

I was asked the other day if coaches have favorites.  As much as I wanted to tell them no, my gut reaction was to tell them yes.  Because I know in my many years of coaching high school athletics, I certainly had favorites.  

So what makes you the coaches favorite?  First I can tell you what it's not.  It's not being the "coaches pet".  Good coaches can see through your kiss up pretty quickly, and it annoys us and actually has the opposite affect.

It's also not your skill level.  A players athletic ability can only get them so far, and some of the best natural athletes I knew were my absolute least favorite to coach.

So what does make you a coaches favorite?

1.  You are committed.  To the sport, to your team, to your goals.  You may have minor set backs, but when you fail you are not knocked out, just knocked down.  

2.  You are respectful.  To your coach, your teammates, your opponents and officials, the fans.  You don't have to agree with them, but you do have to be kind.

3.  You hustle.  All the time, without being asked.  You sprint on and off the field.  You carry equipment without being asked.  

4. You are responsible.  You don't have to be babysat or micro managed at practice or games.  You take accountability for your choices and actions and you do what you know is right.

5. You are coachable.  You can be instructed and receive feedback without being offended.  You are constantly looking for ways to improve and know that others have knowledge to offer you.

6.  You can handle failure.  You understand that when you fail you are only knocked down, not knocked out.  You quickly bounce back from the failure, evaluating what can be done differently next time to get a different result.  You understand that failure is not a person, it's an event.

7.  You don't complain.  No excuses, no justifications, no whining.  Just a determination to work hard and do whatever is asked of you..

8.  You are a team player.  You understand that sometimes what is best for the team may not seem like what is best for you.  And that's ok.  You may sit the bench because another player's strengths are needed in a circumstance and you'll cheer your heart out on the sidelines.

9.  You play to win, instead of playing not to lose.  There is never a moment when you give less than your best.  You are always pushing your physical and mental limits and expanding your comfort zone by facing your fears, regardless of your opponents skill level.

10.  You have integrity.  You are the same player on and off the field.  You can be trusted and counted on.  You don't gossip, taunt, or lie to or about others.

You see, the reality is, we do have favorites.  And you will get to play more.  Not because you kissed up to us.  But because you earned it!

Brylee Allan #8, Awarded Player of the Week

Juab Sting 14u
Starting Pitcher/Utility Player

Brylee has dedicated so much to this team since day one! We all rely on her strength, moral support and dedication to keeping this team strong. Her pitching practice is all done on her own time. She is taking her pitching to the next level, learning and mastering new pitches. Brylee is soft spoken but her mound presence can be brutal! She can play any position on the field and she works hard at everything she does. She balances the rodeo life, right beside the softball life and she makes it work! Brylee's loyalty to her team and coaches is what makes her special and we all love her. Thank you Brylee for being a team leader!

Xtreme Wins It!

We had such a great time at our Freedom Fastpitch Tournament on July 7th and 8th.  Thank you to all the teams and spectators who spent two days playing hard in the hot sun!

During the lunch break on Saturday each team was invited to participate in some friendly competitions.  A pitcher was invited to knock a ball off a cone at home plate.  Outfielders tried to hit a bucket at home plate with a ball.  Catchers tried to hit a bucket at second base.  And each team was timed running the bases as a relay.  They were given points for each successful task in hopes of winning the grand prize of a softball net from Rukket Sports.  Congrats to Xtreme for winning by one point!

What to Feed a Softball Player

Keeping up on good nutrition during league and tournament play can be very challenging.  You are often of the road playing multiple games a day.  But fueling your body correctly is key to having the energy to keep up with the grueling schedule.   Constanza Ulloa-Colina shares 8 healthy snacks for busy softball players. Click HERE to read the article.  


Livia Topham Awarded Player of the Week April 18,2017

                                   *Player of the Week* Livia Topham #39 on Sting 10u It is no secret that Livia loves the sport of softball! She is always ready to work hard and gives 100%. She has learned a lot and she is a team builder! She may be little but she is a fast running, ball hitting, pitching machine! We are proud to have her on our team!

                                   *Player of the Week* Livia Topham #39 on Sting 10u
It is no secret that Livia loves the sport of softball! She is always ready to work hard and gives 100%. She has learned a lot and she is a team builder! She may be little but she is a fast running, ball hitting, pitching machine! We are proud to have her on our team!